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Integrating Missional Practices

Artisan: Jeff Meyer

Walking with Jesus

Artisan: Amy Meyer

Launch, Grow and Maximize

Artisan: Michael Murphy

Behaviors that stick

Interactive, online training with leading missional practitioners

Personalized feedback & encouragement

Watch pre-recorded video lessons, submit video or written responses, get feedback from your artisan

Master better together

Watch your artisans’ video feedback to other apprentices in the collective

At your pace

Missional living insights from artisans and other apprentices when YOU ARE READY to engage

Sardis Collective awakens missional intelligence ™

Sardis Collective walks the ministry path with missional leaders who want to apply what they know.

Sardis Collective connects learners with learners and knowledge with life.



Sardis Collective confronts unique challenges with customized training, coaching and nurturing.



Understanding Sardis








(boh-tey-guh) is an Italian word that means “the studio of a master artist, in which other artists, apprentices, or students learn by participating in the work.”

A missional intelligence studio. Each bottega in Sardis Collective is owned by a leading missional practitioner (artisan). A bottega engages observers and leads them to become apprentices.


a space devoted to the exhibition of works of art


A collection of up to 10 sessions that fulfill a targeted objective in awakening missional intelligence. Each bottega will ultimately have multiple galleries.


a person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson

 A leading missional practitioner who provides galleries of video prompts in order to build competency. An artisan provides personal and timely feedback to the apprentices in their bottega.


a person who works for another in order to learn a trade

One who has exhibited a desire to build competency, capacity and courage in living and leading missionally by subscribing to one or more bottegas in the Sardis Collective.

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