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Missional Intelligence™ is the capacity and confidence to collectively…

apply the Gospel

of Jesus to life’s challenges for ourselves and others

gain awareness

of the physical and spiritual realities within our own communities

create holistic solutions

within our “walkable communities”  (from “The New Parish”)

…until, within every community,

the God-given Spirit of hope ignited in every Jesus-follower

uproots the invasive spirit of compromise.

Today’s Biggest Obstacles to Missional Intelligence™

Event Addiction

Event Addiction

Church leaders attend events to…

  • grow in ministry effectiveness
  • move forward spiritually, intellectually, and relationally
  • learn new ideas, network with other leaders, and hear from God

Prevailing wisdom says that ministry effectiveness is dependent upon more Knowledge but in reality…


Sardis Collective walks the ministry path with missional leaders who want to apply what they know

One Size Thinking

One Size Thinking

…fails missional leaders because…

  • each leader confronts different challenges and needs while pursuing effective ministry
  • each leader is uniquely gifted and requires customized training, coaching, and nurturing
  • each leader’s experience is unique and can benefit other learners in the training/coaching process


Interpersonal Detachment

  • from the collective experience of others in the learning process
  • from others who can provide accountability for mission

Principles/Practice Detachment

  • what is taught in the sanctuary is not practiced in the streets

The Primary obstacle to Missional Intelligence:

Current methods of training are not centered on transformation through relationship.

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